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fb_miniListy na kurs tańca dla dorosłych i kurs tańca dla dzieci od 4-go roku życia otwarte!
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I usually buys LV on the spot if its within my spending limit. However, I am loving the looks of Empriente artsy and the price seems to be waaaay out of my limit so I am saving up for it .... lv bags


you have a great husband! Happy anniversary and congrats :) louis vuitton purse

I would get the wallet, as it would be more useful. louis vuitton bags
think you will love whatever you decide on, but I would personally LOVE to own an Odeon cross-body bag in whatever they call the middle size. I wish it came in more than just the monogram canvas, but I still really want one. Just because I tend to wear my cross-body bags the most, I always go back to them. So I really think I'd get my money' louis vuitton handbags

You know what's funny? I just uncovered my grandma's speedy buried inside my closet today. It really reminds me of her. I miss her so much. Speedy is my favorite all time LV bag- hands down. Bought one for myself a couple years ago, then my mom gave me hers, then grandma's today. All 3 speedys from 3 different generations. A true classic. louis vuitton wallet


I can't wait for this reveal. It's going to be a good one! lv bags


What are you looking for...shoulder bag or handheld? louis vuitton handbags

,No bag .. But the monogram shawl. I bought it again two weeks ago. I just missed it so much. It's def the prettiest shawl in the whole world to me louis vuitton purse.